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Quizzing 101 - Entry-level quiz

About The Quiz Event

If you’re just starting out in quiz, this is the quiz for you!

It has 101 questions covering all the things you need to know to start out in quiz. To help newcomers and players wanting to improve their quizzing basics, this quiz is only open to players whose high quiz rank is ‘Sage’. At the end of this Zoom quiz, one of the quizzing experts, including celebrity quizzers, quiz winners, and professionals from TV quizzes, will take your questions. You can’t get better experience than playing in this quiz.

If you’re a higher ranked quiz player, fear not, you’ll still be able to get the questions from our store and you’ll be able to see the Q&A sessions in our blog.

240 questions

101 Questions In Total

This is a written paper consisting of 101 general knowledge questions aimed squarely at novice quizzers.

Dr Know webv3

Ask The Experts

At the end of each quiz, an expert quizzer, celebrity quizzer, or TV show producer will take your questions.

90 minutes

45 Minutes Of Fun

You have 45 minutes to play this Zoom quiz. All questions are worth one point and all questions count towards your final score.

How Can I Take Part?

Known as ‘Home players’ you can play just for fun in our unprocotored events.

1. Create Your Free Player Account

You can register for a free account here. It’s quick, easy, and free to do. Don’t forget to click ‘yes’ to sign up for our newsletters – we don’t spam anyone and we don’t pass on your details, we just keep you up-to-date with quiz goings-on.

2. Register For The Event

  1. Go to our schedule page here
  2. Enter the event you want to play
  3. Choose the Zoom option
  4. Sign in to your player account if you are logged out
  5. Check the details (The times are displayed in your local time zone, and the venue addresses are listed.)
  6. Confirm your registration
  7. A pop-up confirms your registration and you can find your quiz entry here too.
  8. That’s it. You’re all set! 

3. On The Day

  1. About an hour before the event, you will be sent a link to the Zoom room.
  2. You will find instructions on setting up your camera here.
  3. Grab a pen (even better, two or three!), and head to the Zoom room 15-30 minutes before the quiz is due to start.
  4. Once everyone is in the Zoom room, your host will send you a link to the question paper in our store where you pay for and download the questions. No peeking just yet!
  5. You can either print out the questions and write your answers on the paper, or you can have them on screen and write your answers on a plain piece of paper.
  6. Your host has run many of these online quizzes, so don’t panic if you have any problems getting the questions, help is at hand if you just ask.
  7. When your host tells you to start playing, you may begin, and you will be given a 5-minute warning before your time is up.
  8. At the end of the quiz, you will be asked to hold your papers up to the screen so your host can record them. This gives us a record of what people wrote before the answers are given.
  9. Your host will read out the answers and you mark your own paper.
  10. We don’t take queries during the quiz to keep things running quickly, but after the quiz, you will be sent a copy of the answers and links to send your scores in and to raise any challenges. (Challenges are only raised for the first groups playing. After this, we assume all answers are correct and no further challenges can be made.)
  11. Upheld challenges are then sent out to all players, who can then update their scores if they are owed any additional points.
  12. Results and Quiz Rankings can be found on our results page.

4. Playing The Quiz

  1. The quiz is a written paper that will be handed to it. It’s just you against the questions.
  2. The rules are on the front page, along with a space to put your name and scores.
  3. Each genre is on one double-sided page.
  4.  There are 30 questions each worth one point, and 10 questions each worth 0.1 points for each genre.
  5. There are three picture questions in each genre that you will find on the back page, so you can remove it and have it on your table separately, so you don’t have to keep flipping back and forth.
  6.  If a question asks for a name, unless otherwise specified, the last name only is sufficient.
  7.  The quiz is NOT a test of your spelling, it’s a test of your knowledge. As long as your answer is phonetically correct, then you may have the point.


The organisers want everyone to enjoy playing in fair competitions and so all players are expected to abide by the general rules, competition rules, to the Code of Conduct too, and to play within the spirit of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can. With the exception of “Quizzing 101”, which is only available to Novice and Sage players, our events are open events with no qualification process. Everyone is welcome!

Not at all. Even the greatest names in quiz started somewhere. You’ll find the quiz community friendly and supportive. Generally, people are concerned only with their scores and those of their ‘deadliest rivals’😉. And, you don’t have to enter your score if you don’t want to.

You can find your quiz entries here after you logged into your player account.

You can find your quiz results here after you logged into your player account.

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