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Quizzing Preview: What to Expect in the Coming Days 

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Unfortunately, the first day of quizzing has come to an end, however there is much more to come in sunny Costa Del Sol.  

The first event in the International Quizzing Championships came to a close this evening. It was an action-packed night which saw the Nations Cup, U30 Nations Cup and Aspirational Cup all take place.  

USA and Belgium progressed through to the finals of the Nations cup, after beating England and Norway respectively in the semifinals, showcasing a Belgium thrashing of Norway winning 74-25. 

Belgium Finnish Anarchy took home the aspirational cup after a great showing of quizzing expertise, beating England Expects in the final in what was a close game at points and featured some immensely difficult questions.  

There is more to come, as the Quizzers gear up for the biggest events yet.  

Specialist Quizzes on television, pop music, geography and literature fill the contestants’ schedule until the early afternoon.  

Today’s main events being the Individuals qualifier, individuals U30 final, the individual final and of course the Club Team Championship.  

Victoria Groce, Tom Trogh and Thomas Kolåsaeter look to be the strong favorite for the Individual championship, while Brandon Blackwell, Dries Van Den Sande and Thomas De Bock look confident going into the U30’s individual competition with the club team champions being all to play for this year, with plenty of teams looking in with a great chance to take the title. 

Here’s what Kevin Ashman had to say on Today’s events:  

“For those who become regulars it does become one of the highlights of the year and they are always competing with themselves, wanting to do better than last time, it is a big deal.  

“The fact that people come from so far afield, it’s a measure of the competition’s success.  

“People know it’s a high-quality competition and they want to come and do well in it. It’s well regarded in terms of the Kudos you get. 

“I tend to take it as it comes, its great to see, we have a top contingent of international players, and any one of whom can win the individual championship.” 

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