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Introducing the Quiz Rankings
and Order of Merit

Rankings You Can Participate In

There are various quiz rankings that you can join in with providing you fulfil the criteria for the rankings and that you take part in the relevant events. All our quizzes are open, so come along and join in the fun and earn your ranking points!

The rankings feed into the Quizzing Orders of Merit, so depending on your performance over the year, you will find yourself as a Novice, Sage, Candidate Master, Master or Grand Master quizzer.

world rankings

World Rankings

Players get ranking points by competing in the following events:


UK Rankings

Players get ranking points by competing in the following events:

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Americas Rankings

Players get ranking points by competing in the following events:

Ranking System

world rankings
World Rankings

World Quiz Rankings are awarded to players taking part in International Quizzing Association (IQA), Quizzing.com, and British Quiz Association (BQA) events. They are not age or location specific. It is possible to have multiple rankings if you fulfil the criteria and you have played in the competitions that attract rankings points.

How The Rankings Are Calculated?

Event Ranking Points

The highest scoring person(s) in a Hot 100 quiz is considered to have 100 points. Everyone else’s scores are then worked out as a percentage of the highest score to give their rankings points. So, if the highest score was 70 and I scored 35, I’d have 50 points because I scored 50% of the winning score.

Scoring Average

This is like a batting average in cricket or baseball and represents your percentage of correct answers from all the questions you have ever attempted.

Cumulative World Ranking Points

The total World Ranking points for the season. Only your top 10 scores over the course of the year will count. Obviously, it will benefit you to play in World and International Championships quizzes, and the British Open, as each are likely to earn you more points than playing in any one of the available 11 Hot 100 quizzes each year.

The season will run from September – August. At the end of the season, the Cumulative World Ranking Points (only) will return to zero.

World Quizzing Championships

Because this event is held simultaneously around the world, there will be no separate Hot 100 paper in this month. Instead, the top score will be considered the base score of 100 and all scores below that will be given a score as a percentage of the winning score. So, if the highest score is 200 and your score was 150, your rankings points will be 75 because you scored 75% of the winning total.

amerika UK nationalv2
National Rankings

The UK has a monthly “Grand Prix” quiz, and the Americas have a quarterly quiz that form the basis of their National Quiz Rankings.

The UK Quizzing Circuit has been running since 2003. On the first Saturday of every month, a nationwide 240 question quiz is contested, with the results feeding into the UK’s ‘Order of Merit’ and ‘All Time Rankings’.

The Americas Quizzing Circuit comprises quarterly 210-question quizzes across six genres. The results feed into the Americas’ ‘Order of Merit’ and ‘All Time Rankings’.

How The Rankings Are Calculated?

Events Attracting Quiz Rankings Points
  • UK or Americas Grand Prix quizzes
  • World Quizzing Championships
  • International Quizzing Championships (individual quiz)
  • British Open quiz
Earning Ranking Points

At each event, after the scores have been determined, a player earns ranking points that are recorded against their name. The bigger the field, and the more competitors there are of senior Order of Merit rank in attendance, the more rankings points are available to be won. Over the course of a season, and beyond, these ranking points add up and determine a player’s standing across their eight highest points scoring events.

Available Ranking Points

When each event is held, the total amount of rankings points available will be based on the number of players in attendance of each Order of Merit rank. So, an event with a field containing a lot of Grand Masters and Masters will make for a big pot of points up for grabs. In addition, certain of the season’s more prestigious quizzes carry a greater overall weighting, further increasing the number of points on offer. 

All-Time Rankings

While the Order of Merit is re-set annually, there is another tally of points that rolls over two years. This produces an ‘All Time Rankings’ table of all players on the circuit, with players ordered by reference to their ongoing tally of rankings points (i.e. regardless of Order of Merit rank). It serves to give a longer-term snapshot of a player’s standing.

Order of Merit

In order to attain the highest rank – ‘Grand Master’ (GM) a player needs to amass, over the course of the season, at least 50% of the seasonal maximum aggregate of available ranking points. In practice this means they need to be consistently finishing high up the leader board at the majority of events staged over the course of the season.

To achieve ‘Master’ status you will need to garner 30% of the seasonal maximum available (i.e. a little over half of what is needed for GM status).

To become a ‘Candidate Master’, you will need at least 15% of the available maximum, and to achieve the rank of ‘Sage’, you need to attend a minimum of four ranking events or score 5% of the total rankings points available. Once reached, a ranking of ‘Sage’ cannot be lost. You can be elevated, but you cannot be demoted to ‘Novice’.

New attendees, and anyone not achieving the minimum requirement for ‘Sage’ status, are accorded ‘Novice’ status.

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