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Results – Club Team Championship

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Saturday’s quizzing was wrapped up with the Club Team Championships.

The results are in for the 2023 IQC Club Team Championships and they are as follows:

First place The Rolling Scones featuring Dean Kotiga, Daoud Jackson, Neven Trgovec and Shane Whitlock

Second place featuring Thomas Kolåsæter, Victoria Groce, Derk De Graaf and Steven Perr were The New Janitors 

Third place was Broken Hearts with members being Mark Grant, Pat Gibson, Ian Bayley and Olav Bjortomt.

The quiz featured 100 gruelling questions, a marathon of quizzing.

The Club Team Championships began at 9:30pm and lasted all the way till after midnight, putting the quizzers through their paces.

Today’s schedule was filled to the brim with quizzing, starting off with the Television Specialist Quiz starting at 9:30 in the morning, with the remaining Specialist quizzes, Individual quizzes and the Team Championship quiz taking the quizzing to after midnight, into the next day.

You can find all of todays results at: https://internationalquizzingchampionships.com/results/

Sunday is the final day of quizzing, with the U30 Nations Cup (Final), Nations Cup & Aspirational Bronze Matches taking place at 9:30am, the Pairs Championship at 10:30am, at 2:00pm is the Nations Cup Final and bringing the weekend to a close will be the awards ceremony at 4:30pm.

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