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Results from Individual Quiz qualifier  

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After 100 questions and 150 minutes of quizzing action, the qualifiers for the 2023 Individual Quiz have concluded and the results are in! 

Players who finished inside the Top 10 and have, therefore, achieved qualification are as follows: 

  1. Dean Kotiga – Croatia 
  2. Tom Trogh – Belgium 
  3. Daoud Jackson – England 
  4. Tero Kalliolevo – Finland 
  5. Ronny Swiggers – Belgium 
  6. Patrick Carthy – Ireland  
  7. Igor Habal – Estonia 
  8. Ian Bayley – England 
  9. Shane Whitlock – United States 
  10. Victoria Groce – United States 

All qualified participants will go on to play in the Individual Quiz Final – kicking off at 8.30pm tonight.

Why the Individual Quiz is so important 

Thought of as the most highly-anticipated event of the weekend, the Individual Quiz certainly sorts the best from the rest! 

Because this quiz is played independently, it is based purely on your own knowledge and, therefore, the winner of this event can be considered the best quizzer in the world. 

After each round of 12 questions, the answers were read aloud in front of the whole room. 

This gives a chance to see some brilliant, mixed reactions from the participants. 

Some questions warranted a cheer and others, a collective groan; showing how much it means to the people involved in this sport. 

German quizzer Vanessa Engelhardt, who participated in the qualifiers, explained exactly what it means to compete: “I do a lot of quiz in Germany, and it is the ultimate thing to come here. Like, I know that I know nothing, but I come here to prove myself that I do know some of the things they ask here.” 

“The first time I came in 2016 was like, okay, I’ll just go there once and check out how it is and for some reason I come here every year.” 

“I really like it because you meet those people from other countries who are incredibly good, and you compete against them in one room. I like the concept of the whole thing.” 

Vanessa finished in 127th with 29 points from 100.

Lithuanian Augustinas Zemaitis, who was also in the event, said: “Last year I would have said that the national team event was the most important but this year, (it’s) probably this one.” 

“I think I will maybe get 30/32 which would be about place 100.” 

Augustinas achieved that exact score of 32 which landed him a respectable 118th place. 

See highlights of both interviews below:

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