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Results from Nations Cup and Aspirational Cup qualifiers 

Nations Cup and Aspirational cup qualifiers have all concluded and the results are in! 

The quizzes kicked off at 4.30pm local time, both followed the same format and included the same questions.  

In the Aspirational Cup it was England and Belgium who qualified for the final, to be played later tonight.

Aspiratonal Cup Qualification Table

image 1

After five rounds of the Nations Cup, we had a break in play and the top three read as follows – Belgium 1st, USA 2nd, England 3rd

Things stayed relatively the same way after the final two rounds with United States, England, Belgium and Norway progressing. 

Nations Cup Qualification Table


All teams will now battle it out in their respective semi-finals and finals. 

“Which French Neoclassical artist painted ‘The Valpincon Bather’ (‘La Grande Baigneuse’) – 1808?” 

This question was the first of the whole weekend and set the tone for the evening. 

Comprising of various categories, this quiz covered everything from classical music to TikTok. 

It gives an insight into the level of knowledge and expertise required to compete at the tournament. 

Paul Bakker, who competed in the Nations Cup for team Australia, said: “It was extremely hard, we think we got between 21/28 out of 100. Usually at these sorts of quizzes we get at least 50%.” 

“But all we want to do is not come last, because there are teams of four and we only have two people.” 

Rick Bakker, his quizzing partner, said: “It was brutal! Absolutely brutal!” 

Team Australia ended their quiz with 24 points and, unfortunately, bottom of the table. 

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