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Results from November 2023’s UK Quizzing Circuit!

Pat Gibson reigns supreme once more in the UK Quiz Circuit, four points clear of second-placed Seoan Webb, who is himself four points ahead of Hugh Bennett in third.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out with this set of questions that you will find in our store.

(If you have a ‘first’ you’d like us to shout out, just email kit@quizzing.com)

Overall Top 10

    1 – Pat Gibson (133.7)
    2 – Seoan Webb (129.3)
    3 – Hugh Bennett (125.8)
    4 – Clive Dunning (124.9)
    5 – Paul Sinha (124.8)
    6 – Tim Hall (122.7)
    7 – Ian Bayley (120.4)
    8 – Anne Hegerty (120.2)
    9 – Brian Craythorne (118.9)
    10 – Scott Dawson (117.1)

    We will calculate the Genre Rankings and will celebrate those individually from Monday. In the meantime, full results can be found here.

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