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Saturday’s Quizzing Wrap Up

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Saturday’s quizzing fixtures have been brought to a close with the climax of the Club Team Championships. 

It was a day jam-packed with quizzing starting with the Specialist Quizzes in Television, Pop Music, Geography, and Literature. Won by Galen Chung, Guido Her Stege, Nico Pattyn, and Victoria Groce respectively. 

Next up was the Individual Quiz Qualifier, which for many was the highlight of the day. It also provided some upsets, with Kevin Ashman, Pat Gibson, Olav Bjortomt and previous winner Mark Henry missing out on top ten and ultimately failing to qualify for the finals on Sunday. 

The ten highest scoring under 30’s players from the Individual Quiz Qualifier then went head to head in a battle to find the best up and coming quizzer of the year. Daoud Jackson came out on top and took home the U30 Individual Quiz title. 

After a break for the older heads to watch the youth battle it out it was their turn to lay it all on the line, with the Individual Quiz Final, for which the tension was unsurprisingly palpable, after some of the toughest questions of the weekend Dean Kotiga was dubbed the best solo quizzer in the world. 

Finally, was the Club Team Championships. Teams of four dealt blow after blow in this 100 question marathon in a quest to gain the title of Club Team Champions and of course bragging rights over their quizzing compatriots. The winners and those deemed worthy of having the bragging rights were The Rolling Scones, their members being Dean Kotiga, Daoud Jackson, Shane Whitlock, Neven Trgovec. 

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