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USA v England – Match Report

Team USA came into the match brimming with confidence finishing 1st in the qualifiers, while 4th placed England were hoping to cause a bit of an upset.  

With the USA finishing first they had the chance to choose who answers the first question, they decided to let England make the first move, who seemed confident in choosing a category deciding upon 2009 Movies. 

After correctly answering the first set of questions with relative ease, England led in the shootout, with USA kicking next.  

Despite finishing three places above England, it was USA who guessed incorrectly, giving England the lead going into the second round of USA questions. After their slight stumble in the first round, they finished strong and put the pressure on England.   

It was a poor start for the English team in the ‘History of mathematics’ round, going wrong on their first question of the group, leaving them to sweep up after their mistakes in the following rounds. Their falter left them down going into the third topic, USA leading 12-10.  

After some USA domination, England were next up, choosing the topic Classical battles to fight their way back into the lead and did just that after a perfect start, identifying Mozart as the classical composer of the tune. Their good fortune continued as they went three for three over the course of their topic.  

They continued into European Geography after storming into the lead, but their perfect streak didn’t last, faltering at the first hurdle in the next round.  

Team USA stormed into the lead over the next couple of rounds, not dropping a single point, in topics of American sports and Pop music. 

Despite some USA heroics there were just seven points separating the teams coming in to the last two rounds – Gorges and Weird looking animals.  

USA put on a good show coming out of the second to last round with a 13 point lead against England, and it was all too much for England to claw back, with USA running out winners overall, winning 66-53.  

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