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USA’s ‘The Chase’ star, Victoria Groce, talks on USA’s triumph and their upcoming challenges at the International Quizzing Championship.

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Victoria Groce, regarded as ‘The Queen’ on ‘The Chase’ in the USA, has spoken about her time at the International Quizzing Championships in Torremolinos, Malaga.

Victoria starred in USA’s Nations Cup Qualifiers and Semi Finals on Friday night where she has led the team to the Final which will take place on Sunday.

USA, who before this year never received a medal in this competition, are in position to bring the gold back home.

The quizzing mastermind said: “Obviously we are very excited to go further than we have before as a country, we beat a very good team in the Semi-Finals who we have a huge amount of respect for.”

England beat Victoria and her USA team in the previous event last year for third place, so unsurprisingly Victoria described it as a ‘very big’ result.

USA face off against Belgium in the Final which takes place at 2pm local time.

Victoria acknowledges the mountain in front of their goal as she said: “Belgium destroyed us last year in the Semi-Finals! So we have a healthy respect for them too, we’re hoping to play our best and see how things go.”

The TV sensation will also compete on Saturday in the Individual Quiz Qualifiers, with the hope of making the top ten to compete in the Final, which takes place straight after the qualifiers.

Despite her being recognized as a ‘serious contender’ in the whole contest by event organizer, Jane Allen, among others, she remained very humble and gave her thoughts on who may win.

“Ronny (Swiggers) is the two time defending champ so he is probably the best bet.”

Victoria is well known for being one of the best performers at these events and is often seen knitting at these events.

She opened up on this potential game changing activity and said : “It helps me focus a little bit more, as I find If I’m doing something that takes just a little of my mental energy that it does help me relax.”

“Mostly I do it to pass time as I’m quite a quick player so I find I have the time at the end of the quiz.”

Finally, in response to the question surrounding the weight on her shoulders from the nickname ‘The Queen’ she said it has added a ‘little’ pressure however, her demeanor suggested that The 2021 World Quizzer Of The World, relishes in these environments.

The full interview is here:

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