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Whether you are brand new to quiz, a regular pub-quizzer, or you are part of the quizzing elite – there is something here for you, wherever you are on the planet.

Welcome to a whole world of quiz and trivia.

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Join Virtual and Live Events

Come and play in our quizzes from the comfort of your own home or at one of our live venues. We have competitions for individuals and for teams. You can even represent your country in some of our quiz events.

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Get Your Quiz Rankings

You will earn quiz rankings points at our events. Even after one event, you will be a ranked quiz player, so you can see how you are doing against other players - including the best in the world and celebrity quizzers.

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Improve Your Quiz Knowledge

The more quiz questions you play, the better you get at quizzing. Fact. Whether you want to be the best in the world, or to win pub quizzes and TV quiz shows, the Quizzing Academy is the place for you to get the quiz knowledge you need.

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Play In Our Quizzes!

We would love you to join us at one of our live events, or you can simply play along at home.

We run regular monthly quizzes known as “circuits“, along with less frequent quizzes and a number of prestigious events that attract the best quizzers on the planet.

You can play in any of these quizzes. They are all open with no qualifying require.

Monthly Quizzes

Annual Quizzes

Special Quizzes

Three Steps to Quizzing Glory

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Tips From The Experts

We've spoken to the very best quiz players in the world and we've asked them for their top tips for aspiring quizzers.

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Improve Your Quiz Knowledge

The only training programme written by the experts who set for TV and the biggest quiz events in the world.

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Put It Into Practice

Our quizzes are open to all, so come along, test yourself, meet lots of new people and improve your quiz skills.

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