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British Quizzing Championship

About the quiz event

The British Quizzing Championships are held annually on the first weekend of September. The event stretches over two days and includes the Individual Quiz Championship, the Pairs Quiz Championship, and the Buzzer Quiz Championships. The Individual Quiz Championship earns UK Quiz Rankings Points.

Can’t join us on the day? No problem! You can play along for fun (without the quiz rankings points) from the Monday after the event.

How Can I Take Part?

Come and join us for the British Quizzing Championships! There are no qualifiers to take part, and you can play the Individual Quiz and the Pairs Quiz on the first Saturday in September, and/or the Buzzer Quiz on the following day.

These events are all available in Northampton. There are also satellite sites in Scotland and Northern Ireland that will run their own programmes involving some of these events on the Saturday.

Provisional Schedule (Northampton Venue)

11:00 – Doors Open
11:30 – Individual Quiz (Paper 1)
12:20 – Marking
12:50 – Lunch
13:40 – Individual Quiz (Paper 2)
14:30 – Marking and Break
15:15 – Pairs Quiz
17:30 – Break
18:00 – Hot 100
19:00 – Close (some venues may offer post-event fun quizzes)
* Timings may vary from venue-to-venue

1. Create Your Free Player Account

You can register for a free account here. It’s quick, easy, and free to do. Don’t forget to click ‘yes’ to sign up for our newsletters – we don’t spam anyone and we don’t pass on your details, we just keep you up-to-date with quiz goings-on.

2. Register For The Event

  1. Go to our schedule page here
  2. Enter the event you want to play
  3. Choose the venue where you participate
  4. Sign in to your player account if you are logged out
  5. Check the details (The times are displayed in your local time zone, and the venue addresses are listed.)
  6. Confirm your registration
  7. A pop-up confirms your registration and you can find your quiz entry here too.
  8. That’s it. You’re all set! 

3. On The Day

  1. Grab a pen (even better, bring two or three!), and head to the venue.
  2. You can either pay your host, or you can pay via PayPal – payments@quizzing.co.uk
  3. Your host will read out the answers and you swap with another player to mark your papers.
  4. We don’t take queries during the quiz to keep things running quickly, but you will find a challenges slip on the reverse of the front page. If you want to challenge any answers, you should write your challenge here and hand it to your host, who will raise it with the organisers.
  5. Later in the day, you will be emailed a copy of the answers.
  6. Upheld challenges are then sent out to all players, so you can then update your scores if you are owed any additional points.
  7. Results and Quiz Rankings can be found on our results page.

4a. Playing In The Individual Quiz Championship

  • This written quiz is in two halves, each of 50 minutes. Each paper has three of our genres, and only your top five genre scores will count towards your final score. Your dropped score comes into play if there is a tie to be broken.
  • The rules are on the front page, along with a space to put your name and scores.
  • There are 40 questions each worth one point for each genre.
  • If a question asks for a name, unless otherwise specified, the last name only is sufficient.
  • The quiz is NOT a test of your spelling, it’s a test of your knowledge. As long as your answer is phonetically correct, then you may have the point.

4b. Playing In The Pairs Quiz Championship

  • This is a written paper for pairs of players with 10 rounds of 10 questions that cover all aspects of general knowledge.
  • All questions are worth one point.
  • No pairs partner? No problem! We can pair you up on the day.

1. Register For The Event

  1. Fill out the Google form here
  2. Pay the team fee of £60 via PayPal to payments@quizzing.co.uk
  3. That’s it. You’re all set!

2. Venue and Times For 2022


Northampton International Academy
55 Barrack Road
Northampton NN1 1AA


Times are tbc, but the event should run from 10.00am – 18.00pm, with lunch provided


Event Details

This quiz is for teams of four players plus a reader or scorer provided by each team. Most teams will rotate five players to achieve this.

If you haven’t played in a buzzer quiz before, the best way to describe it is that it is like ‘University Challenge’, where a starter question is read out and the first team to buzz in with a correct answer takes control of the following three bonus questions.

Starter Questions
    • Questions are worth 10 points all the way through
    • 15 starters per match
    • Starters in each match use the standard UK GP genres twice plus an additional three questions on any subject – must include at least one high and one low brow within the additional three questions. This ensures there are high and low brow questions
    • Penalty for an incorrect buzz is a five-point fine plus the question being finish for the other team.
Bonus Questions
    • Bonuses are not linked to subjects of the starters
    • Each bonus set is written on one topic
    • Bonus questions are each worth five points
    • Bonus questions will not be repeated
    • Teams can confer and can signal to each other
    • Controlling team has five seconds to answer
    • Incorrect answers or questions that were not answered go to the opponents who must answer immediately
    • These bounce-backs are worth five points.
General Event Information
    • Matches will run for 40 minutes
    • Players will be told when there are five minutes remaining
    • The match will stop at the end of the question being asked when the timer sounds. Eg: if the buzzer sounds part way through bonus number two, the question can be finished and the team (and the opponent if it passes over) may answer, but bonus number three will not be played at all.
    • Precise tournament format details will be released once we know numbers of teams, but it is intended that there will be a round-robin stage followed by placement matches for all teams.
    • In addition, there will be a final between the top two teams that will be played with everyone watching.

All questions from the British Quizzing Championships will be available from the Monday after the event in our store here.


The organisers want everyone to enjoy playing in fair competitions and so all players are expected to abide by the general rules, competition rules, to the Code of Conduct too, and to play within the spirit of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can play on just the Saturday or the Sunday if you can’t join us for both days in Northampton. Venues in Scotland and Northern Ireland will play some of the events on the Saturday only.

Not a problem! We will match you up on the day.

Register for the British Championship

Individual Quiz (Saturday)

A written paper consisting of six genres each with 40 x 1-point questions. This quiz will earn you UK quiz ranking points.​

Individual Quiz (Saturday)

A written paper consisting of six genres each with 40 x 1-point questions. This quiz will earn you UK quiz ranking points.​

Pairs Quiz (Saturday)

A 10-round written paper covering all aspects of general knowledge. No pairs partner? No problem. We will find you one on the day.

Pairs Quiz (Saturday)

A 10-round written paper covering all aspects of general knowledge. No pairs partner? No problem. We will find you one on the day.
British Buzzer Quiz Championship

Buzzer Quiz (Sunday)

Fast-paced, 'University Challenge' style, buzzer quiz for teams of four players plus one reader/scorer.

Buzzer Quiz (Sunday)

Fast-paced, 'University Challenge' style, buzzer quiz for teams of four players plus one reader/scorer.

Art & Culture

Art & Culture Genre Subject List

  • Architecture
  • Classical Music
  • Dance
  • Fine Art
  • Literature
  • Monuments
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Mythology
  • Opera
  • Philosophy
  • Religions
  • Theatre – High Brow/Drama

Civilisation & History

Civilisation & History Genre Subject List

  • Anthropology
  • Cities
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Exploration of the World
  • Finance, Money and Currencies
  • Historic Civilisations
  • History
  • Human Geography
  • Inventions and Discoveries
  • Language
  • Law
  • Military
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Trade
  • Transport


Entertainment Genre Subject List

  • Actors/Actresses
  • Awards
  • Cinema (Hollywood)
  • Cinema (World)
  • Comics/Graphic Novels
  • Directors
  • Internet TV/Movies
  • Jazz
  • People behind-the-scenes
  • Pop Music
  • Radio
  • Stage Musicals
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Television

Sport & Games

Lifestyle Genre Subject List

  • Advertising
  • Businesses
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Costume and fashion
  • Drink
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Gender, Race and Youth Issues
  • Health, Fitness, Nutrition
  • Hobbies and Pastimes
  • Home and Decoration
  • Human Body
  • Human Psychology
  • Medicine – Scientific and Holistic
  • Miscellany
  • New Age Beliefs
  • Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals
  • Products (Brands and Design)
  • Retail and Retailers
  • Social Media

Physical World

Physical World Genre Subject List

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Climate
  • Ecology
  • Environment
  • Fauna
  • Flora
  • Geology and Minerology
  • Mathematics
  • Meteorology
  • Physical Geography
  • Physics
  • Scientists
  • Scientific Technology
  • Space

Sport & Games

Sport & Games Genre Subject List

  • Angling, Coarse and Sea
  • American Sports
  • Boardgames
  • Boxing
  • Canoeing and Sailing etc.
  • Cricket
  • Cue Sports
  • Cycle Racing
  • E-Sports
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Horseracing and Equestrian
  • Motor Sports
  • Olympics
  • Paralympics and Parasports
  • Racquet and Bat Sports
  • Soccer
  • Swimming and Aquatics
  • Target Sports 
  • Team Sports
  • Track and Field
  • Video, Online Games
  • Winter Sport and Winterx
  • Wrestling, MMA etc.
  • X-sports
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