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We have been running great quality quizzes, everything from the World Quizzing Championships to national quiz circuits, since 2003. We love knowledge and are experts in everything quiz.

Our mission is clear. We aim to grow great quality quiz around the world, supporting national organisations, and encouraging a love for life-long learning along the way.

Our vision is to have quiz recognised as a sport.

We’d be delighted to share our passion for facts with you. Scroll down and meet the team!

Our Team

Jane web


Queen of Quiz

If you ever need anything in Quizland, look NO FURTHER! For two decades, Jane has been the driving force behind the most prestigious live quiz events in the world. From the Quiz Olympiad to the World Quizzing Championships, players travel from all over the world just to attend her events. Head of the International Quiz Association and Head of the British Quizzing Association, Jane and her team are trusted to write and verify huge numbers questions for major TV shows each year. Jane’s even been the co-host of Australia’s ‘Child Genius’, and has worked behind-the-scenes on more television quiz shows than you can shake a stick at, being consulted on everything from fixing formats to finding quizzers to take centre stage. She is the driving force – all done with a wicked sense of humour.​

Lucy web


Head of Colouring In

Lucy is a talented marketer by trade, with 20 years’ experience so is responsible for colouring things in and making Quizzing.com look gorgeous. Lucy creates beautiful graphics and effective branding. She works out online and offline strategies to promote everything we produce, and she can do this for you too. She runs all the logistics at the major live events such as Quiz Olympiad, World Quizzing Championships and the Ultimate Quizzing Championships. She manages teams of people under huge pressure, and always does so with a smile on her face. Lucy has what she describes as “pub-quizzer levels of knowledge” and a real passion for trivia.

Lucy web
Jules web


The Cog Father​

Jules is our incredible developer. Running quizzes requires a surprising amount of technology and Jules has designed all our entry and scoring systems. He is the reason our results appear so quickly online. Thanks to Jules, we can run events simultaneously at multiple venues. Jules even devised and built our Quiz Nations software in just 10 days when we found ourselves locked down and having to cancel our live events. If ever you’re a player short at one of our quizzes and Jules is around, go and grab him. He’s seriously clever and knows an awful lot of everything!​

Nic web



Every quiz needs to have a Nic working on it. A former British Quizzing Champion and a pub quiz master, Nic road tests and edits our question sets, knocking them all into shape, and preventing duplicate questions appearing in short succession. Nic ensures our questions are as error-free as can be, something that is absolutely essential. Our quizzes wouldn’t be as clean and well-written as they are without our unsung hero, Nic.

Nic web
Christoph web


Digital Overlord

Christoph is new to Quizzing.com and has taken on running our websites and our online strategy – no small task with the amount of events we run. He has been bringing all our sites into one place and is lead-gun on developing a brand new product we have in the pipeline. Our Austrian friend is instrumental in the next phase of Quizzing.​

Charles web


Happy Snapper

All our superb photography is down to one man – Charles. All the photos on this website have been taken by Charles at our events. Having a great photographer capturing our events has been a gamechanger. Some of these photos have even been used by TV shows. If ever you’re running an event an need a photographer, head to his website.

Charles web
Dave web


Quiz Army Knife

Dave has a t-shirt that says “What A Difference A Dave Makes”, and never has a truer word been spoken. Dave can turn his hand to absolutely anything quiz, with calm, good humour. He is incredibly supportive and has lots and lots of great ideas. All teams, especially this team, need a Dave.

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