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Results from March 2023’s UK Quizzing Circuit!

Updated: Paul Sinha takes first place, with his Chaser colleague, Anne Hegerty, in ninth place. Eggheads Pat Gibson takes second place and Tim Hall is in the third spot.

Oliver Levy won two genres – Entertainment and Lifestyle, and Ian Bayley, Kevin Ashman, Pat Gibson and Paul Sinha won the other four. Shout out to Toby Cox on his first genre medal – silver in Civilisation and History.

(If you have a ‘first’ you’d like us to shout out, just email kit@quizzing.com)

HUGE thanks to Nic Paul for setting the Brows and the evening team quiz in Northants, and for running the venue, and to Dave Bill for a lovely set of GP questions, and the Dave Tilley for hosting the Zoom quizzes.

Thank you too to Kathryn Johnson who ran a great bookstall that raised a whopping £150 to be split equally between the Northants Air Ambulance, and the MSF Earthquake Appeal. 

For those of you who didn’t get to play, the questions are available for you to play as an unproctored participant in our store.

Overall Top 10

    1. Paul Sinha (132.5)
    2. Pat Gibson (130.7)
    3. Tim Hall (129.9)
    4. Oliver Levy (129.5)
    5. Ian Bayley (128.8)
    6. Scott Dawson (127.0)
    7. Kevin Ashman (126.2)
    8. Hugh Bennett (123.2)
    9. Anne Hegerty (123.0)
    10. Rob Sutherland (122.7)



    1. Ian Bayley (27.7)
    2. Pat Gibson (27.6)

    3. Clive Dunning (27.3)

    3. Rob Sutherland (27.3)



      1. Kevin Ashman (28.7)
      2. Toby Cox (28.4)
      3. Andrew Teale (27.7)



          1. Oliver Levy (28.1)
          2. Scott Dawson (26.4)
          3. Paul Sinha (25.2)
          3. Tim Hall (25.2)


          1. Oliver Levy (28.4)
          2. Tim Hall (26.8)
          3. Nic Mortimer (25.5)


            PHYSICAL WORLD

            1. Pat Gibson (29.6)
            2. Ian Bayley (28.9)
            3. Brian Craythorne (28.5)

            SPORT & GAMES

            1. Paul Sinha (28.1)
            2. David Lea (27.2)
            3. Tim Hall (27.1)

              You can find all the scores here.

              Our next UK Quiz Circuit quiz in on 1 April. Come and join us!

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