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The Individual Quiz Final; U30’s and Senior results are officially in

The International Quizzing Championship results for The Individual Quiz, U30’s and Seniors, have been announced in Torremolinos, Malaga.

On Saturday evening, The U30’s and Seniors competed in the Individual Quiz Qualifiers, where ten contenders qualified for the final stage in their category.

For the U30’s final, it started at 8pm local time and the results were as follows: Daoud Jackson representing England (Gold) with 76 points, Dries Van De Sande representing Belgium (Silver) with 69 points, Neven Trgovec representing Croatia (Bronze) with 68 points.

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-The U30’s Finalists in action

The Seniors final started at 8.30pm local time, these were the results: Dean Kotiga representing Croatia (Gold) with 102 points, Daoud Jackson representing England (Silver) with 98 points, Victoria Groce and Tero Kalliolevo (Bronze), representing USA and Finland, finished tied on 94 points.

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– Senior Individual Quiz finalists

Daoud Jackson, who represented England and won the U30’s Final, also competed in the Senior Final where he came second .

-Daoud Jackson posing after winning the U30’s Individual Quiz

He said: “Happy to win of course, I had an early lead so I had some points to play with… I think I would have been more annoyed to lose but I’m still happy and now ready for the Senior Final, the big one.”

Daoud came 4 points short of first place.

Next up is the Club Team Championships at 9:30pm local time.

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